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Colombia, La Estrella Del Ostro

Colombia, La Estrella Del Ostro


Raspberry, Lychee, Malt


Location: La Plata, Huila

Producers: La Estrella Del Ostro

Elevation: 1600­ - 1850 MASL

Varieties: Caturra, Colombia F6, Typica (Comun)

Processing: Fully washed

Harvested: November 2016

Recommended for Filter 

La Estrella Del Ostro (The Star of the Southern Wind) is made up of coffee from the farms of Elkin
Echeverria, Palmore Cespedes, Roberto Javier Barreiro and Freddy Quintero. These farmers all grow
coffee within close proximity to each other and thus share the same micro­climate. They are members of
Global Cafes Coop.